About Us

NASENI was established to promote and develop science, technology, and engineering infrastructure in the country. It was also set up to address various challenges and needs in Nigeria's scientific and technological development. It has a network of 12 Development Institutes spread across Nigeria each with its own focus area and mandate.

Some key objectives and reasons for NASENI’s establishment include

Technological Advancement​

NASENI was established to advance Nigeria's technological capabilities by fostering research and development in various scientific and engineering fields.

Indigenous Technology Development​

The agency is tasked with promoting the development and utilization of indigenous technology solutions to meet the specific needs of Nigeria.


NASENI aims to support Nigeria's industrialization efforts by providing the necessary scientific and engineering infrastructure for local industries.

Job Creation​

The agency seeks to create employment opportunities by supporting the growth of technology-related industries, which can generate jobs for Nigerian citizens.

Research and Innovation​

NASENI is involved in research and innovation activities to develop cutting-edge technologies and solutions that can address societal challenges and contribute to economic development.

Technology Transfer​

It facilitates the transfer of technology and knowledge from research institutions to industries, with the goal of increasing the adoption of advanced technologies in various sectors.

Capacity Building​

NASENI is also involved in training and capacity building initiatives to enhance the skills and knowledge of scientists, engineers, and technicians in Nigeria.

Overall, NASENI plays a crucial role in promoting science and technology in Nigeria, with a focus on developing indigenous solutions to foster economic growth, industrialization, and technological self-reliance. The agency collaborates with universities, research institutions, international development organizations and industries to achieve its objectives and contribute to Nigeria's development.

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